Host a Workshop! 

Groups will love this interactive and educational hands on experience.  Your guests will get to create their own succulent diffuser together. We will walk you through the planting process step by step, sniff and learn about the incredible benefits of essential oils, then turn their potted succulent into a natural diffuser by dropping their oils of choice. 

We set up and bring everything needed to make it a workshop you won't forget!

Great choice for: 

Youth Groups 

Holiday Crafting 

Corporate Events & Gatherings 

Team Building Activities 

Neighborhood Groups 

Mom Clubs

What's included ? 

We bring the pots of your choosing, a variety of healthy thriving succulents, soil, planting tools, decorative toppings such as; colored rocks, natural stone, lava rock, glass stone, flag picks, etc., a large selection of  essential oils, take home bags with oil samples, oil info cards and a succulent care tag. Plus interactive oil education on how to use them and their incredible benefits. 


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