Thinking of You | DIY Succulent Diffuser Gift Box

There’s no better way to say "thinking of you" than with a living gift that can be treasured forever. This classic DIY gift box includes everything you need to plant your own beautiful succulent and turn it into a natural diffuser using essential oils. The Thieves oil is one of our personal favorites. Its spicy aroma when diffused fills the room with all the cozy warm vibes and the neutral colored pot adds a special touch to any style home decor. We also think this one’s a great gift for yourself too.

Thinking Of You DIY Succulent Diffuser Gift Box Includes:

Gray speckled tan trimmed pot, 3’ W X 3”H

2” healthy succulent (type of succulent will be determined based on availabitly)

Bag of succulent potting soil

Decorative lava rock topping

Planting and diffusing instruction printed card 

Personalized note card

Plant care tag 

Gold sparkle heart flag pick 

*As a thank you for placing an order with the Succulent Diffuser Bar we will gift a sample packet of Thieves essential oil.


This gift box can be customized to fit any occasion. For instance we can switch out the flag pick or pot for another one that will better suit your need. Just shoot us a message and we create the perfect gift together.


What are lava rocks?

Lava rocks are super absorbent. The rock itself is porous and has tons of craters which makes them able to absorb essential oil and diffuser the ambience around you.


How do I use my succulent diffuser?

Drop 3 to 5 drops of essential oil on the lava rocks to give it scent. Once the scent has faded reapply the oil(s) or try different oil(s). Breath deeply and enjoy! 


We love Instagram! Once you receive your kit, we’d love to see you planting your succulent masterpiece and diffusing your favorite blend all cozy in your home. Tag @succulentdiffuserbar and use hashtag #succulentdiffuserbar

Thinking of You | DIY Succulent Diffuser Gift Box

    • Please open your gift box as soon as possible to ensure your plant will contiune to recieve proper sunlight and water care. 
    • This gift comes carefully packaged. If loose potting soil appears on the leaves this can be easily washed off with first watering. 
    • We do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. If you have any problems with your order please reach out and we'd be happy to come up with a solution that works best for everyone. 
    • Succulents will come in various types and often have imperfections as not every plant is the same.